Kellensoo, Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee

Kellensoo, Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee

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Think Coffee: Kellensoo Ethiopia Whole Bean Coffee, 12 ounces

Brooklyn, New York

  • Tasting Notes: Rich Blueberry, Tea Rose
  • Varietal:  Single Origin Guji Grade 3
  • Producer: 3,000+ Farmers in the village of Kellensoo Moknisa, West Guji, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1870-1950 meters
  • Process: Full Natural on raised beds. 
  • Roast Profile: Medium After growing coffee for generations, the farmers of West Guji are finally getting the credit they are due. And there is no finer example of a West Guji coffee punching all of our favorite flavors than this Kellensoo. High altitudes and rich soil give it rich blueberry notes, and traditional drying techniques on African beds create consistently clean, tea rose complexities.
  • Supporting Social Project:  Access to feminine hygiene products
  • How this coffee gives back: One of the most pressing issues there is the high rate of school dropouts among teenage girls due to the inaccessibility of menstrual hygiene products. Since 2013, thousands of reusable hygiene kits have been provided. First, there was fair trade coffee, then there was direct trade coffee, then there was Think Coffee.

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