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This full body coffee blend is dedicated to the many Captain Crosbys. Born of Brewster, yet sailed to the wild corners of the world, from Hong Kong and Shanghai to the shores of South America and the West Indies, these captains were daring and adventurous.  Sailing on vessels with names like Archelaus, Anglo Saxon, The Oregon, and The Gem of the Ocean,” many died while at sea. Some young and some old, ultimately Brewster was where they called home. 

The Captain Crosby blend is bright and sunny with an earthy exotic taste. This Snowy Owl signature tri-blend is composed of Congolese, Colombian, and Costa Rican washed beans.

  • Net weight 10 ounces
  • Whole Bean
  • Full Body
  • Flavor Notes: cocoa, roasted nut, caramel
  • Roasted in Massachusetts 
  • Ingredients: Coffee